New release of SGCO OpenVMS RESTful JSON API allowing for remote portals, BI, spreadsheet etc. connectivity in 100% real time.

With each new customer and we get to benefit from their long-term knowledge and experience in the use of both RMS and RDB. To configure our API to their specific needs we are constantly adding new features. As developers and engineers, you know that documentation my not be our primary focus or strength, so we fall behind in that area quickly. On that note here is a somewhat complete list of the current API functionality:

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About Us

Since 1997 the Stirling Young & Murch Group has provided advice, consultancy, design, implementation, internal/external business application solutions and digital media communications solutions. The firm delivers innovative, scalable business solutions to help reduce costs, increase revenue and gain competitive advantage through technology. SGCO has provided services to a wide range of companies and organizations in more than 12 countries including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, India, Australia, South Africa, Serbia, and the Netherlands.

Our consultants and developers have profound technical skills and extensive hands-on experience to meet the toughest challenges. Including a high-level of experience applied across a broad range of sectors in the implementation of data integration and migration solutions.

Our OpenVMS / RMS Dynamic API is licensed on an annual basis and additional support for applications using our API is available. The Stirling OpenVMS / RMS API is now available for installation on your OpenVMS system. For pricing, licensing, or other product information contact:

Stirling Young & Murch Group LLC at mailto:info@sgco.com.